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What are the qualifications required to join?

Volunteers for enrolment in the Australian Army Cadet Corps must:

· Have reached the age of 12˝ years, but be no older than 18 years.

· Have your parents' or guardians' permission to enrol.

· Be a person ordinarily resident in Australia.

· Be certified by your parents or guardian as being able to carry out the normal duties and activities of the Australian Army Cadet Corps.

· Not be a member of any other sub component of the Australian Services Cadet Scheme i.e. Naval Cadets or Air Training Corps.


Are there any medical restrictions?

Due to the often physical nature of cadet activities, volunteers with a known history of any of the following conditions must complete a special medical assessment by their doctor, to determine their capability of participating safely in cadet activities. PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS THAT MUST BE ASSESSED:

· Epilepsy.

· Diabetes.

· Any mental disorders.

· Permanent foot and leg injuries or disabilities to the bones of the body.

· Serious hearing or vision impairments.

· Asthma occurring after the tenth birthday or an existing serious asthma condition.


How do I enrol to become a member of the Cadet Corps?

Complete the appropriate enlistment form & medical assessment forms, have your parents attend an interview with the recruiting officer or Officer Commanding the unit, and attend the required number of parades to prove your intentions & suitability to the Australian Army Cadet Corps. You must be prepared to commit 12 months of activities.

What does it cost?

Army Cadet Units are fostered by the Australian Army and all uniforms and equipment are provided at no charge to either the Cadet or their parents, but because the value of the kit is worth over $500.00 the unit asks the parents to pay a one-off joining fee of $50.00.

The joining fee helps to cover any costs that may be incurred by the unit if a Cadet looses or damages items issued to them during their term in the Cadet Corps.

Also, in order to supplement the cost of music, new equipment and other essentials for the unit, an additional $20 per school term is required (This calculates roughly to around $2.00 per week).

Bivouacs and field training weekends will usually cost between $15.00 to $30.00 for a weekend. This is used to supplement the rations issued by the Army. Annual Camp, which is a ten day camp over the September / October school holiday break costs $30.00. Again this is to buy supplementary rations and other treats for the Cadets whilst on this camp. Our cadet unit is primary a marching band. Therefore, we will only ever go on a small number of bivouacs per year (usually 1 - 2).

Finally, if the unit goes on trips to other places of interest there will be an additional cost at that time.

What commitment do I have to make?

Because of the money it costs to enroll you, train you and provide the equipment for you to participate, it is hoped that you will serve for a reasonable period of time. The minimum period is one year, however acceptance into the Corps does not mean you have to serve for any particular period of time. Service is voluntary.

You are free to leave the Corps at any time, but if you do leave, then all items issued to you as a member of the Cadet Corps must be returned, otherwise you or your parents / guardians will be charged for their value or replacement. In the normal course of events your Cadet service will require you to attend parades every week (excluding major school holidays), approximately three weekend field training exercise (bivouacs) which is at least one every school term, and a compulsory annual 10 day camp.

The unit also contributes to community activities, and even though these activities are not compulsory it is encouraged that you will be involved in them.

What will I learn in cadets?

Cadet training is modelled on military lines, but does not encourage war-like nature and activities. Cadet training involves activities such as:

· Field Craft

· Navigation

· First Aid

· Personal discipline and development

· Communications

· Field Engineering

· Water Safety

· People management & leadership

· Abseiling

· Fun

· Australian & Military history

· Community life

· Friendships

· Instructional techniques

· Bush survival skills

You will also have the opportunity of being instructed in fire arms safety and usage, this is usually at the annual camp. The unit also encourages other activities in the training syllabus, including trips to military establishments and other places of historical interest.





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